Healthy Active Lifestyle Photos Now on Getty

Jennifer Laidlaw, Blog Coordinator It is not difficult to imagine Vancouver’s Stanley Park as the perfect setting for a photo shoot - it was recently named the world’s best park byTripAdvisor’s first ever Travellers’ Choice AwardsKatie Huisman shoot

Healthy Active Lifestyle photo shoot

Last summer, Vancouver photographer Katie Huisman was already one step ahead of TripAdvisor, using the forest and trails of the nearly 1000-acre park as a backdrop for a “healthy active lifestyle, connection to nature and the forest” shoot. Katie explained at the time, that “it is important for me to contribute work to the advertising world that promotes a clean lifestyle and healthy sense of well-being.” Photos from this shoot are now available online (see below).

About our photographer

Katie discovered photography and the darkroom in high school when her dad passed down his Konica SLR to her. She studied photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design for four years and then went on to do an internship at a photography studio in Auckland, New Zealand. She began her own photography business full-time in 2006. Katie has been involved with Compassionate Eye Foundation for more than six years. Check out her website here.Katie Huisman shoot 2

Summer 2013 photo shoots

Katie is also taking part in our 2013 Summer Solstice photo shoots. The theme of this year’s photo shoot cycle is Focus on Change. Other photographers enlisted for 2013 include Hubert Kang, Steven Errico, Tim Pannell,  Karan Kapoor and Jasper White. Stay tuned for more to come.

View and purchase images 

Images from this shoot are now available on Getty - search ‘”Compassionate Eye Foundation” Katie or lifestyle’ in the search box. Photos from this shoot start at #169709505 and continue on to approximately #169709523. Have a browse through them, share them with your marketing and advertising friends and colleagues and purchase them for use in campaigns. Your support will help fund projects in developing nations around the world!