Photo of the Week

By Krystele Chavez, Social Media Coordinator Look at these goofy faces! This photograph comes from South Africa on the Khayelitsha Grief and Loss Project.

Knowing that children in Khayelitsha are living in one of the poorest townships in Cape Town where unemployment and poverty are severe, and are in a community in which death by HIV/AIDS, violence and illness is common,we are glad to see such joyful expressions on the faces of these students. CEF is proud of funding a grief-support program through our partner organization Victoria International Development Education Association (VIDEA) in South Africa. The Khayelitsha Grief Support Program provides grief-support groups for children in the Khayelitsha area in Cape Town, South Africa. As an organization built on the belief in giving back, we can only wait to see more of these updates in which children continually grow stronger and happier!

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EditorialAaraksh Siwakoti