Reflections on the Board

By Dan Rogers, CEF Board Chair Earlier this year the CEF Board of Directors gathered for a full day of strategic planning. CEF Board Chair, Dan Rogers, shares some thoughts and reflection from the day:

CEF photo shoots are wonderful events.  They are full of laughter and the joy of creative giving.  They create our essence, are what makes us tick, and are what allows us to do what we do.   They are our engine.

You can follow our shoots on our blog.  We totally celebrate our fabulous creative folks that deliver the images that in turn deliver the funds for us to work with to change lives.  Our model is simple: create Images, sell images, change lives.

None of that happens without our photo shoots.  However,  those don’t happen without our organization.   And our Board of Directors is the foundation for everything we do.  The Board creates the structure, funds the shoots, promotes our mission and ensures everything that needs to happen, happens.  The CEF Board should also be celebrated.

Earlier this year the Board both celebrated and planned for the future.  We gathered for a day of reflection and rejuvenation.  We talked about who we are and where we wanted to go.  We took our mission and made sure we believed and understood it.  We stood it on its head and looked at it again.  And then, committed to all of it and more.

We affirmed our belief that the creative photographic community is our core community.  As a Board, we committed to support this group and look for new ways that we can invite them to engage with us to change people’s lives.

We also committed to review new ways to raise funds using the talents of our community.  We know we haven’t yet scratched the surface and what we can inspire and who we can engage.

As a Board, it is clear that we want to (and can!) do more with the partners we have.  To affect more people in the countries we are engaged.  The communities and especially the children in those communities are our why!  As a Board, we are committed to never losing sight of that.

We had a great day of reflection, commitment and planning for the Board of Directors.  Everyone left exhausted but energized.   We are committed to finding new ways for you to join us. Look for those in the New Year.