Seeing with Our Own Eyes: CEF Goes to Africa

Leah Yee, CEF Social Media Coordinator Compassionate Eye Foundation is pleased to announce that on Saturday June 30th five of our board members have begun a month long trip across Africa to visit a variety of projects run by our partners.  Dan Rogers, Susan McDonald, Robert Brown, Sue Dick and Michael Glogowski will arrive in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia on July 2nd.  From there they will travel to Gojjam and Lalibela and other areas of Northern Ethiopia, visiting CEF projects along the way. The group will also be touring parts of Zambia, notably the celebration of opening for the Twitti School on July 13th.  This event is particularly dear to our hearts as it is an opportunity to celebrate years of hard work by so many people involved with CEF.

Overall, the CEF board hopes to further explore what is possible to do in the heart of Africa.  They are embarking on this long, arduous journey in order to directly see the kind of work that the money we've raised has helped fund. They see this as an amazing opportunity to learn more about the types of projects that CEF needs to support in that region and to learn better ways in which we can help other communities.  In addition to scouting potential new projects the group plans on experiencing a safari and hiking Mount Kilimanjaro – all of us at CEF wish our board members well!

CEF's Chair, Dan Rogers, would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the preparation of this trip and all the great partners and hosts awaiting them inAfrica. As he states, "this trip is all about being a CEF family ambassador and seeing the results of hard work and dedication."

Stay tuned for news and updates from our team in Africa!