CEF Goes to Africa - Visiting the Community of Chilangra

By Leah Yee,  CEF Social Media Coordinator  

On July 11th the CEF team in Africa landed in Zambia for the Twitti School grand opening.  CEF's involvement in that project was to fund the building construction and furnish three classroom blocks.  On July 12th they visited Chilangra, a small village where many of the children who will be attending the Twitti school live. Dan Rogers, our CEF Chairperson, tells us about the experience of meeting the local children and the joy and excitement surronding newly opened Twitti school:

“We were immediately greeted by several children when the school bus pulled into this small community. We were overwhelmed by the friendly smiling faces. We walked through narrow streets and alleys as we visited some of the children's homes. The parents were very warm and expressed their appreciation for the support of the school. We continue to be awestruck by the living conditions of these families and yet the happiness of these people.

Everyone reached out a hand and we quickly learned the handshake in this country. Robert got the crowd going when he started to shake his groove thing to some blaring local dance music. Children rushed to hold our hands as we meandered through the streets. The children loved to have their photo taken and to see their photo through the view finder. After we visited this community, we helped set up for the big celebration tomorrow to mark the official opening of the Twitti School.”