Cuddly Canines Now on Getty

Jennifer Laidlaw, Blog Coordinator

Group Dog Shot

There's no denying that people like images of cute animals! The number of viral videos and images on the internet is astounding. A search of the phrase “cute animals” on YouTube turns up 6,630,000 results. On Instagram, #cuteanimals has 103,021 posts. Change the search term to “dogs” and you will find 18,000,000 videos on YouTube and 3,832,985 pics on Instagram.

With our love for canines and other animals, it makes sense that they are often the subjects of ad campaigns aimed at capturing our attention and resonating with a particular emotion. Cottonelle toilet paper ads feature golden retriever puppies, Telus ads use everything from hippos to piglets, Fido uses dogs in their campaigns, even Taco Bell featured a Chihuahua for a number of years.

CEF photographer David Leahy shot our 2013 Doggie Portrait Shoot earlier this year, spending the day surrounded by four-legged, furry models. His third shoot for CEF, David is based out of London.  The photos from this shoot are now available on Getty and we have no doubt they will attract the attention of creatives looking for their next ad campaign subjects!

Doggie - Schnauzer

Doggie - racing dog