Behind-the-Scenes: On Set with CEF Photographer Steven Errico

By John Grant, CEF Contributor

Steve Errico Shoot

Passion. Talent. Philanthropy. It's hard to come across all of those elements in one room on a given day, but that's exactly what I walked into when I visited a recent CEF photo shoot with Steven Errico and his team.

The shoot's setting was located in a brand new loft-style condo atop Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia, Canada, also home to Simon Fraser University. The condo itself is located in a relatively new sustainable community appropriately titled "UniverCity." The breathtaking view that sweeps across the Lower Mainland, and as far away as Vancouver Island, still managed to peek through the drizzle and fog on this day, providing the perfect distraction to keep the models, makeup artists, and production team members occupied during their breaks.

This was my first time attending a CEF shoot and it was... fun! Everyone was laughing as Steven, a seven-time CEF photographer, set up each scene and encouraged the models to have fun. I'd be remiss if I didn't tattle and say that there was jumping on the bed, doing backwards somersaults off of couches, and making faces behind backs. Steven clearly knows how to energize his models to get authentic emotions to come out in his photos.

What caught me off guard was how many people were involved! I was expecting to see Steven and photo shoot producer Amy Jones there with a couple of models. Instead I found makeup artists, a wardrobe stylist, production assistants, models, grandparents and moms of some of the younger models who were far from the legal driving age, and seven models! The best part was seeing how everyone seemed to work together as if they'd know each other for a long time. In some cases that's true; Amy and Steven have worked together for several years now. Most of the models I chatted with have also done multiple shoots with CEF before.

When asked why those involved continue to support CEF, the answers were quick and essentially identical, focussing on how empowered each person felt to use their profession to make a positive difference in the world – and that's really what CEF is all about.

Steve Errico Shoot

Steve Errico Shoot

Steve Errico